PokeThon is now over!
Thanks for participating!
March through June 15th, 2010
Brought to you by Carolyn of ryuuku.net and Destinie of nyarth.net!

Thanks to all who participated in PokeThon this year. We had a wonderful turnout, please be sure to visit all of the great sites listed that took the time to participate in our event!

We are accepting "late" additions! If you didn't finish or remember to submit your site by 6/15/10 I will accept late additions to the marathon AS LONG AS THE SITE WAS CREATED BETWEEN MARCH 2010 AND JUNE 2010. Any sites that were created after the month of June (ie: July onward) will not be accepted as part of the marathon.

Submitted Shrines

The following sites have already been completed. Thanks for participating!

Link Pokethon! Donations are always appreciated! Feel free to email them to Destinie at wings.of.cirrus AT gmail.com

Questions should be mailed to either Carolyn at ryuuku.chan@gmail.com or Destinie at wings.of.cirrus@gmail.com. Thank you!